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International Amateur Piano Competition


Please read carefully the Application Rules, especially articles 1 to 6.

Your application file must contain :

  • A copy of a current official university certificate or a current university transcript
  • Enrollment fee : 50 euros, payable by check or online.
  • Your program : kindly specify the pieces you intend to play at the quarterfinals, the semi-finals and the finals together with the length of each piece
  • Your contact details and your piano instructor’s contact details : full name, phone number and e-mail address.

You can either send your application by postal mail to:

Concours de piano de l'École polytechnique
Kès des élèves

OR you can submit it electronically to ismail.lemhadri@polytechnique.edu

In case you need accomodation on the spot, kindly specify it in your application file.

Applications can be sent in up to December 6th 2017, with a limit of 30 candidates.

Contact detail : Hugo Dobbelaere, student of the X2015 promotion

  • E-mail : hugo.dobbelaere@polytechnique.edu ;