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International Amateur Piano Competition

You want to participate ?

Contacts : Joséphine Yates, Omar Attia et Hugo Thierry, students of the X2016

  • E-mail : josephine.yates@polytechnique.edu ;
  • E-mail : omar.attia@polytechnique.edu ;
  • E-mail : hugo.thierry@polytechnique.edu ;

Please read carefully theterms and conditions, especially articles 1 and 6.

Your registration file must be composed of :

  • An official document proving that you belong to a school or university, in France or abroad;
  • 50 euros inscription fees must be paid by check to "Kès Binets" or through online payement;
  • Your personal information (name, surname, adress, telephone number and e-mail);
  • Your program : for the quater final, you must prepare the 1st impromptu by Gabriel Fauré. Then specify the pieces you intend to play for the quater-final and the semi-final. Specify the Mozart concerto you intend to play for the final as well as their length;
  • The personal information of your piano teacher (name, surname, adress, telephone number and e-mail).

You can send your registration file by e-mail or on paper. If you chose the second option, please send your file to :

Concours de piano de l'École polytechnique
Kès des élèves

E-submits must be made to one of the three e-mails written at the top of the page

If you need on site accomodation, please let us know in your registration file

Your file must arrive before December 15th 2018