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International Amateur Piano Competition

Application rules

Article 1: French-speaking candidates must refer to the French version of the rules for specific information.

Article 2: The competition is open to all students registered at French or foreign universities, aged less than 30 years old on January 1st, 2018. Professional musicians may not apply to the competition.

Article 3: Online and mail applications must be received before Dec 15th, 2018.

Article 4: Registration fees amount to 50 euros. The check must be labeled to “KES Binets”. International applicants are encouraged to request online payment specifications rather than paying by check.

Article 5: The number of applicants is limited to 30 for the quarterfinals. If the number of applicants exceeds 30, the jury reserves the right to pre-hear all applicants via a registered audio recording different from the pieces of the program.

Article 6: All previous applicants can re-apply, except the first prizes of the previous edition. Finalists of the previous year's edition must prepare, for the quarterfinals, the imposed piece only and need not prepare a free piece. They must, however, perform a free piece for the semi-finals. No candidate can re-apply to the competition with the same concerto for finals. No candidate can perform with the orchestra more than twice.

Article 7: The imposed piece is published on this website on September 1st, 2018.

Article 8: Candidates are notified by e-mail about their dates and schedules two weeks before the competition.

Article 9: The competition takes place at Ecole Polytechnique's grand auditorium in Palaiseau, France. Applicants who whish to rehearse beforehand can do so on request.

Article 10: The running order for quarterfinals is determined at random.

Article 11: The decisions of the jury shall be final and not subject to appeal.

Article 12: Any registration is definitive. As such, no refund can be claimed should a candidate wish to withdraw their application.

Article 13: The jury is composed of professional musicians in addition to the winner of the previous edition's first prize.